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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> a suspected robes wild ride comes to a crashing end after he carjacked a mother at gunpoint. >> and a little pill making a big difference for some heroin addicts. they say it's helping them stay clean for good. >> it's all now from the night team. snoet >> we have some breaking news. passengers kicking out windows of an orange line train, smoke in the background as you see there. there. >> and now we're learning what caused that smoky scene. the night team has the story. >> the fire department has -- we have learned from the fire
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because of a motor problem with one of the trains that's what caused that smoke condition down there and panic for all the passengers. a terrifying scene on the orange line in boston as smoke fills eighth street. >> it's real smoky, um, a lot of people are running towards the highway. >> it involved two trains and effective third rail. >> it was ultimately determined that the intersection of third wheel caused the motors to overheat. further investigation revealed that perhaps there was a piece of sheet metal on the tracks that contributed, you know, to that damaged section of third rail an d overheaded the motor. >> the smoke condition causing some people to passenger. some people busting out windows to get out. >> people are kicking winds out and it was pretty chaotic at the time. i didn't know what was really going on and, um, but i'm glad everybody got out safely. >> no one was hurt but there were some major delays at the fire department worked to clear the area. and we know that the train there that had the windows busted out has been taken out of service.
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what happened with that third rail degree. >> we got breaking news to bring where a 10-month-old has been being found unresponsive in a police say ems performed cpr to we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more as the story continues to develop tonight. >> also from the night team, winter weather doing some damage here in new england, wicked winds brought down power lines and trees today as storms powered through the area. this latest batch of storms brought heavy rain as i probably experienced, washed away the frigid temperatures after a weekend of subzero temps we climbed into the 50s today. >> unbelievable, rying, the big question will it last. let's go over to meteorologist jeremy reiner with the latest. >> what a storm it was. winds gusted between 60 and 50 miles an hour.
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some brief heavy rain during the evening commute. many cities and towns over an inch of rain and it was warm temps this afternoon skyrocketed into the 50s even right now the cold front has moved through but there's no arctic air behind that front. etches tv in the upper 50s. the air is a little bit cooler back for eastern new york and western new england again considering where we came from, i think we can handle that and that'll be the place to the morning commute, temps tomorrow morningdown in the low and middle 30s and for some of you that west and north of up to there may be a couple of slick spots on untreated surfaces; otherwise, it's a quiet morning commute a i-some of clouds and sunshine it's a quiet day. 7:00 tomorrow evening upper 30s the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. we'll go back to today and the storms left some real destruction in some neighborhoods strong winds tore down trees, ripped down power lines. the night team brandon gunnoe live in wellesley with more tonight. brandon? >> and this tree didn't have much of a root structure but
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have been. take a look you can see some of big problem tonight for this neighborhood and crews -- all these power lines that are still down. >> we heard a crash. >> neighbors say a babysitter and 3 kids were home at the time. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> i saw the babysitter rung out right after the tree came down. >> this was a loud thump or crash. it was a flash of light from the transformer blowing those wires to snapping. >> the high winds and the fast-moving storm uprooted the tree taking down power lines and causing the transformer to explode. it split power polls down the street as well. the the power is out on the other side of the street i'm pretty sure at least the bottom half is. >> it happened around 6:00 in
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to restore power for hours. were the family lives at home is staying elsewhere and again, no one was hurt. >> you could hear -- the top floors like a couple houses it was definitely, definitely noticeable. >> now, you can see the utility crews have a lot of work to do with these power lines but the good news is after a few hours of working the power is back on for this neighborhood. life in wellesley, brandon gunnoe. >> cabin pressure building for new york. they were diverted to manchester new hampshire tonight. and today many of them were boston. the night team tim caputo is live at logan with their story. >> they say they have to be home these but i bet they're more ordeal is finally over. they were taken to new hampshire
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wanted to do was go to new york. the flight was supposed to last into a 30-hour nightmare the one they were trying to get >> there were a lot of people on getting sick. jep. >> 159 passengers on board a dominican republic monday afternoon. thinking they'd get to jfk airport in new york by monday evening. but bad weather there caused the plane to be diverted to manchester marp new hampshire. passenger posted this picture of during the storm still 250 miles from home. what's worse manchester isn't an international airport so passengers had to wait on the plane until custom agents had to trifrom portland, maine. >> we had to wait for custom people to come hours later they sent one. >> the plan was to get them on an early flight to jfk but at this point some rented cars founded other flights to new york. 90 weary travelers aborted from new hampshire to new york they didn't land at jfk.
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too much and the plane turned around this time landing in boston. >> it was very bad. i never experienced turbulence like that. i thought the plane was going to break in half. >> after the storm finally passed the final leg was the only smooth flight. they're back in new york a frustrating 30 hours later than they expected. >> i actually thought it was somewhat funny because how could it happen twice and here we are but like i said good to be home. >> some of those frustrated said they felt like they deserved a full reefbd for all that they went through. delta responding publicly saying this is essentially weather-related and they tried to do the best they could. live tonight in logan, tim caputo, "7 news".
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on a wild ride that came to a crash end what you see here. the night team susan tran is live in bruckton with the story. susan? >> adam this is a scary day for 3 generations that were shopping at the mall it was mom, grandmother and baby. they were shaken up and okay. they had no idea and could never imagine they're car would be stolen and then end up crashing here into the utility pole. the entire trunk of the car wrapped around the utility pole. >> he heard the car hit the pole. >> the driver in a carjacking that just happened still tried to get escaping from the passenger side. >> a gentleman jumping from the car started tearing boylesston treat, a cruiser was right behind and him told -- >> the mother of an 11-month-old said she and her mother were
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they were loading the baby in the car seat and he opened up out to be this pellet gun and car. baby out before police say he >> they got into a portion -- that's news. >> state police say they chased driver rammed into a utility >> this went to bottom and then the car was -- the size. >> they say the suspect threw his gun into the snow and police were able to arrest him. neighbors grateful no one was seriously hurt throughout this one afternoon crime spree. >> because of that car the baby in the backseat really would have been hurt. >> police arrested a 32-year-old man from taunton. he faces a list of charges. as for the victim family they say the victim, baby and grandmother all doing okay tonight.
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hard work from all the police. susan tran, "7 news" night team. murder is free in maldon. asking them to check on a you commons. when police arrived they found her body. they haven't identified who chefs or how she died but they don't believe it's a random acting. >> investigators say someone forced their way into firearms overnight shattering glass breaking through a metal door they got into storage captains they stole four handguns police say. officials are investigating whether it's connected to a similar robbery in new hampshire. >> a 21-year-old is now in custody in connection to a hit-and-run in lowell. police say he suspensionly hit a 15-year-old hitting his bike last friday. investigators say the driver never stopped dragging the bike along with him. the teenager is being treated at a boston hospital.
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hammered home his police chief today that donald trump will not be elected president and in an unusual fashion trump fired back at the president campaign event in south carolina. >> being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> our borders right lane swiss cheese. this man has done such a bad job anhe's set us back so far and for him to say that is a great implement. >> president obama says he plans to appoint a supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia. >> patriots star calling it quits linebacker dropping his retirement from football and sending a message out patriot nation. >> a two-time probowler played 8 seasons in foxborough.
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patriots defense from the get-go and today his nfl career has come to an end. the 8-year veteran posting on instagram. we express our sincere graduate for what we consider a life-changing event that becoming a new england patriot for the past 8 years. jonathan the craft family, the pats organization and the most amazing fans in contributing to these pages of our lives. as my family and i prepare for the future be sure that the pats memories will always hold a special place in our hearts. mayo was elected in the first round of the draft. the 29-year-old career has been repeatedly injured over the past 3 seasons all of which with mayo ending on injured reserve. we will have much more on mayo in sports and according to multiple reports the team has
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l ine coach dante. live in the newsroom alex cordray. >> well, up next hope for those battling open yoidz. >> what they're calling it a miracle to help deal with drug addiction. >> a tugboat was saved at sea. >> cool for the morning commute,
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>> well, there could be hope for some battling opioid addiction. some say addicts say it's giving them a fighting chance. >> it's the difference between life and death, cheryl fiandaca has a closer look. snoet
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recovery these pills are a miracle drug. >> it was extremely helpful, very effective. >> it's called naltrexon which blocks the opioid reacceptors in the brain. for people who take narcotics won't feel it. they help people in watertown at the right outpatient addiction program. >> i would just say it took a mental obsession out of my head and allowed me to focus on my recovery. >> the fda treat alcohol and opioid addictions but "7" the lifesaving drug is still not widely prescribed to treat substance abuse. >> some people refer to them as drugs and they say oh, my god you're substituting one drug for another but i want to be very clear.
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abuse disorder you want to try to use everything and anything. because not everything is going to work. >> it's not a narcotic and is not disk. recovering advocates we talked to say the drug was a big part of their treating. >> a good safety net and a good medication to be able to use to get where you want to be. >> but there's a dangerous downside to the drug. adds may be more likely to overdose because they may take bigger and bigger doses with a drug like heroin to get the high. they warn the medication should get used to difficulties to complete detox. stay off trugs for 7 to 10 days and are completed on sobriety. warnings to question dlz whether it's the answer for heroin advocates. >> nothing is a panacea. it will not help the current crisis. >> they say the drug must be used along with behavioral therapy and family support. >> for people who have been kind of really conditioned to believe that they have no hope and then
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about and they do get better and treatment works and it really, really works. >> i think it's highly effective because with taking that medication and doing all the other necessary steps i believe that anybody could be successful. >> doctors saying recovering advocates should be closely monitored. they say they can stay on the medication as long as they need to since there are few side affects. most insurance companies do cover the cost in the newsroom, is crew for 55-foot tugboat sank into the water this morning. the 3 men crew jumped out of the poet into the water just before it happened and then they were able to call for help. a nearby boat heard their calls and pulled them -- what i anticipate very fridged water. the captain of the tugboat saves them for saving his life. >> he's the man. we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for y'all. >> i it felt like i was putting austin jacket. just the adrenaline, you know? i probably it feel tomorrow.
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now doing okay. >> all right. let's check your forecast now. 47 degrees out at logan airport and it's been sort of like a roller coaster this weekend. >> the storm system from the afternoon moving away. it's not taking the warm air with it. that's the good news we won't be in the 50s but seasonal temps. no bitter blast of air coming through the storm which sometimes can happen within did month of february. there goes the storm rocking up to the maritimes. back to the storm system some lingering clouds there's the cold front moving offshore. temperatures are kind of behaving themselves and waiting for the pom to drop out but that's not going to happen. boston right now and worcester
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new england and eastern new york state but these numbers considering whether we came from lower 40s i'm fine with that. clearing skies it does clear off late tonight. there may be a couple of slick spots so the entry of surfaces tomorrow morning. nothing widespread or significant but just give yourself a little extra time and be mindful when you're walking on the sidewalk -- i didn't mean -- norwood tomorrow, these will be the temps about 6:30, 7:00 tomorrow morning. city around 37. jaffrey at 30. and through the at a tomorrow it's a great winter day mix of clouds and sunshine barely any wind out there. thursday offers a lot of sunshine a little cooler on thursday with the numbers a little bit colder to normal. normal high is 39. we have a little front that sneaks through here tomorrow morning. they make a lot of noise and
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and th en you have a cooler day to follow it. that happens and that's 2 days so 40s tomorrow. and then 30s on thursday. friday makes some. clouds and sunshine another nice day. here comes another front at us. it's not a cool front it's a warm front it will show up on the clouds there could be a couple of snow flurries. it lives up to-it name you go in the upper 30s on friday and upper 40s. again, shy weather into the finishing of the weekes for the evened the week upper 40s, saturday, sunday and monday with news at the temps into the mid-40s. >> goodnight, jeremy a local man getting some help from a celebrity for a real show of love. snoet >> i don't know what i would do without you. [cheering] >> the couple from revere went to go see the popular broadway show for valentine's day after the show actor wayne brady got them on the stage for the surprise proposal. >> i had no clue.
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i was in shock. >> i was hoping he wouldn't say no. >> the nerves to do that. man! devin and wayne brady -- he says wayne brady was gracious and approved the wedding ring before the proposal. [cheering] >> it was perfect the way they did it. and big brats to them. >> absolutely. it looks like they're going to be great together.
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>> back in 2014 bill belichick guy that the team probably other player. fill the void of leader and linebacker. mayo announcing his run at the end of the new england releasing a statement on instagram with a caption retiring a patriot with mayo calling it a career he sees save the pats a ton of cash. the team is unlikely to keep him with the cap number of 11 $11 m-le. mayo saturday morning 29 but injuries taking their toll. the two-time probowler was
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the past 3 seasons. the retirement didn't last for dante. he's become at the patriots line coach and according to espn adam kaplan he retired following the 2013 season now he'll have the cask of rebuilding tom bride's personal protectors the patriots continuing their 6 game road trip in columbus and after missing the last 2 games patrice rushed to the tom same thing from adam mcquide midway through the first after giving up 6 fells on sunday more defensive struggles from the pruins. they host alexander on the break-away and we got a penalty shot. slowing way down past -- and it's 1-0 columbus. later on in fourth the bruis
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goal. it's not very long in ot, 43 seconds into extra second. tore i didn't crews that's a fourth straight game with a goal sending it is them to a 2 it shall 1 win. the regular season is underway in fort myers the addition of david price the top of the rotation is huge but after trading away their most durable starter guy like clay buck hoeltsz need to strike up in the most consistent way. >> taking care of the little things that you can control at a in and day out being prepared and i'm not saying that i hadn't been prepared throughout the last 5 or 6 years but it's, you know, it's a grind going out and every day and seeing a picture especially in this division. >> he's on a 7:00 night so i hope he's tun packing his bags. he's heading to fort myers and you can hook for his live reports from spring strange starting tomorrow and with the trade thrown looming danny aims taking a break from wheeling and dealing.
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journey. the national player during the year john hall check. is in front it's unpolice detective, man. it's a messing it's not like we were able to do it and be that opportunity. only great people i met mere i'm super pleased to meet the people up there which is beautiful. >> thebaum herald called the sell tricks of their variability of late griffin but dock rivers saying the team is not trading
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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